Monday, March 20, 2017

Book Review--Commentary on Psalms #1

Allen P. Ross, A COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMS, Volume 1, Grands Rapids MI, Kregel, 2011.

The is the first volume of three, covering Psalms 1-41. Ross is an outstanding expositor, and the purpose of this commentary is to focus on exposition which is the aim of exegesis. As such it is written for students, teachers, and Pastor. The work is reader friendly, concise, understandable, yet technical in a way that that is not burdensome. His scholarship is outstanding, but not heavy. He writes in concert with the text, although he does not void or omit modernization where necessary, nor textual criticism.

He opens this volume with a substantial introduction (180 pages). His first major point in the introduction is on Ancient versions of the text consisting of the Masoretic Text, Septuagint, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and as much as possible he uses the Masoretic Text. Other parts of the introduction that are especially helpful are:

The introduction on Interpreting Biblical Poetry is an excellent explanation of poetry and how to understand it. He explains the figures of speech and the important aspects of poetry in the Psalms. The student will be edified by this chapter.

An introduction of the Literary Forms and Functions in the Psalms—mainly lament, praise, songs, royal, and wisdom.

He has a chapter on worship, and another on theology. His words on worship should be taken to heart.

He explains his methodology in the last chapter of the introduction on Exposition of the Psalms.

The depth of his commentary is rich, balanced, and valuable. Each chapter has Text and its variants; The translation is his own, composition and context; and commentary in the exposition form. He does a very good job of exegesis, grammar, and syntax of the text. He clearly explains terms, phrases, and idioms found in the Psalms. He outlines the text in accord with the exegesis of the text, which is logical and useful. He ends each chapter with comments on its message and application.

One cannot go wrong with this commentary and all three volumes should be in your study. It is insightful, helpful, and challenging. It will motivate and cause one to think as he works his way through the Psalms. It is well worth having and one cannot help but benefit from this work. It is one of the best resources you can have on Psalms.

I received this book from Kregel Academic in return for a review but was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.

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